Drug Crime Defense

Jodi Dick is an aggressive and proactive criminal defense lawyer who represents clients throughout Georgia on all types of drug charges including possession charges, distribution or manufacturing charges, sale of drugs and drug trafficking. She aggressively handles cases involving methamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, LSD, marijuana and all other drugs.

There are potentially serious consequences relating to drug charges that can follow you the rest of your life resulting in job lost, college scholarships or admissions jeopardized and futures limited. Even relatively minor drug charges like MARIJUANA POSSESSION have significant consequences. Some people simply go to court without a lawyer and plead guilty because they are offered probation without realizing that there are ways to fight the charges or have the charges reduced. Here are some consequences to consider:

(1) HAVING A DRUG “CONVICTION” . These drug convictions can remain on your record for life. Whether charged with a misdemeanor or a felony drug charge, Jodi Dick can often help you avoid a drug conviction by exploring alternatives like drug court programs or diversionary programs (which typically result in a dismissal), first offender sentences (which are NOT convictions), or by successfully having drug evidence suppressed or the case dismissed because of other weaknesses.

(2) GETTING SENTENCED TO JAIL/PRISON TIME. Some drug charges, like trafficking in drugs require prison time if convicted. Other drug offenses like possession, poss w/ intent, manufacturing or sale do not necessarily require jail or prison time but many prosecutors will try to get time particularly in smaller counties. Having a lawyer like Jodi Dick who is experienced in drug crime cases is critical. She has been successful in hundreds of cases in getting charges reduced or dismissed. and will do everything possible to try to avoid jail time where possible.

(3) PROBATION. Probation typically includes requirements of reporting regularly and in most cases, being subjected to random drug screens. A violation of probation will result in a revocation which could result in jail time or prison time. It is important to understand this from the beginning. While many people are very successful, for others, pleading guilty to a drug case and getting probation is really like pleading guilty and getting jail time if you know up front that you will not be able to follow the conditions of probation. Jodi Dick cares about you and your case and will talk through these matters with you so that you can make the best decision in your case.

(4) POSSIBILITY OF LARGE FINES . There are state surcharges on every drug conviction and sometimes these surcharges are as much as the fine itself. Also, in the case of drug trafficking, there are mandatory fines exceeding a hundred thousand dollars, another reason to have a lawyer experienced with drug crimes and drug trafficking so that reduced sentences without such fines can be explored.

(5) LOSS OF YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE . This is required if you are convicted of a drug charge. But Jodi Dick will work hard to obtain (where possible) a dismissal, a first offender sentence, a conditional discharge or a nolo plea (in the case of a misdemeanor marijuana charge) as these dispositions will typically save your license.

Jodi Dick is an aggressive and proactive criminal defense lawyer who will fight for you! Early representation is important as it will include

  1. Representation at a preliminary hearing (often the most important part of your case) where extensive information can often be obtained
  2. Obtaining critical information relating to an illegal search with the goal towards having evidence suppressed and
  3. Participating in a forfeiture action (seizure of money, cars or other assets) which could be waived if you don’t file certain paperwork within the required time periods.



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